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Basic Safer construction sites, vehicles and drivers coming to Manchester

Safer construction sites, vehicles and drivers coming to Manchester

Alert system used to warn of cyclists and pedestrians nearby on an HGV

In a formal launch on Friday 18th October 2019, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, announcing a CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) strategy for the city. Led by Mayor Andy Burnham and Olympian and Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester, Chris Boardman MBE, Manchester has been upping its game in provision for people who cycle. New cycle tracks are being implemented and more people are taking to cycling. But, as the Manchester authorities know, HGV’s and the danger they pose can be a deterrent to cycling. Every year 500 pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in collisions with HGVs on Britain’s roads. Manchester is now joining London as a champion of the CLOCS standard which ensures that constructions sites make sure that all of their operations beyond the worksite – at site gates, on public roads and at the route planning stage are examined and checked to meet required safety standards – that includes vehicles, drivers and banksmen. CLOCS champions routinely require their drivers to complete a Safer Urban Driving module during which they ride bikes in an urban setting to help understand the challenges of riding in cities in dense traffic alongside very large vehicles. The vehicles used by CLOCS champions must include a range of safety features including side guards, six mirrors, alert systems and cameras. For more about CLOCS you can go to their website