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Top tips for safe cycling around lorries

Beware of left turning lorries.

  • They do not always indicate
  • They often swing right before turning left
  • The gap between a lorry and the kerb will decrease or disappear as it turns 
  • And lorry drivers can't see well to the left of or immediately in front of their cabs - creating a risk zone for cyclists


  1. Avoid the risk zone especially near junctions
  2. At traffic lights stay behind, or get well in front of the lorry, in the centre of the lane, where the driver can see you
  3. Make eye contact if possible. If you can see the driver, they can see you
  4. If in doubt, stay behind the lorry – especially as you approach junctions – until you are sure it is safe to pass it…
  5. On narrower roads ride a door’s width from parked cars and prevent unsafe overtaking by keeping  in the centre of your lane until it is safe for a vehicle behind to pass you.
  6. Use your lights after dark – white at the front and red at the rear

More actions for safe cycling around lorries

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