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What is industry doing?

What is industry doing?


Construction Logistics and Community Safety

TfL, together with the construction industry, have created a new safety standard called CLOCS. The mission of CLOCS is ensuring the safest construction vehicle journeys. It places responsibilities and duties on the regulator, the client, the principal contractor controlling the construction site and the supply chain including the operator of any road-going vehicles servicing that project. It seeks to ensure that all vehicle operations are well managed, with safe vehicles, well trained drivers, with safe operational procedures, in line with the Silver FORS Standard.


Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme

FORS is a voluntary safety standard for all lorries and their operators (not just construction vehicles as in CLOCS above). FORS membership is often required for public sector contracts. Requirements include training drivers in VRU safety with drivers riding bikes on roads and safety equipment to address lorry blind spots. It has over 5,000 accredited members.